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    The unicorn is a legendary animal usually thought of as a horsewith a horn protruding from its forehead.It is also described as having the tail of a lion,the beard of a goat, and the hind legs of an antelope.

    The unicorn represented chastity and purity.It would fight fiercely when captured or cornered,but it could be tamed by a virgin's touch.

    The basic method for catching a unicorn is pretty simple.
A pure young woman is taken into the woods and placed beneath a tree.

    Since unicorns are irresistibly attracted to such young ladies,
if there is a unicorn in the area it will come and lay its head in the maiden's lap.

    At this point she may sing to it, or slip a golden bridle over its head.Once the unicorn has been tamed in this manner,
hunters leap out from the woods and capture the unicorn.

    The greatest prize of the unicorn is considered to be its horn.
Some people also believe that there is a precious jewel
hidden underneath the horn.

    The unicorn's horn (called "alicorn") was fabled as pure in the Middle Ages.For this reason, it was a popular ingredient for medicines and cures.

    Popes and kings prized it because it provided protection against all evil,an item so valuable and rare was a great temptation.

    The modern image of the unicorn has changed from a goat-like creatureto one of equine beauty. Unicorns may have wings like Pegasus.They can be any color, from snow white to the darkest night.

    In Medieval Europe, the unicorn attained its greatest fame.
This is also where the unicorn picked up the physical characteristics we see most commonly today.

    The European unicorn was in the form of a white steed
with a flowing white mane and a tuft of white hair on its chin.
Other than that, it was very much like an ordinary horse,
except for having white hooves and a spiraling horn protruding
from its majestic head.