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I watch the night sky and I wonder,
Shall it always be this way?
Am I destined to live in solitude?
The last of my kind,
I lie alone in the quiet meadow.
I stretch out slowly, wearily,
Listening to the chirping creatures of the earth.
My horn extends on the ground,
I lay my cheek on the dirt,
And a small tear rolls down in loneliness.


It stands by the glintsening, sparkling pool
Pure white like snow, silken mane cascading
From fine arched crest, down velvety slender neck
The forlock drapes ‘round shining gold horn
Long and slender, a delicate spiral
Forelock rests near the eyes
Big, brown, and gentle
Set in the delicate, well- defined head
Arabian- like, high and proud
Slender fine muzzle
Wide nostrils, dished face
Ears picked and small
But just the right size, complementing the head
The creature paws sharp deer like slender hoof
On elegant legs
Powerful, swift, and strong
Propelling the body
Again like an Arab’s
Elegant, well- defined
Arched silken tail streaming behind like a flag
Pure white against green forest glade.
---Danielle Higgins

The Unicorn is noble;
He keeps him safe and high
Upon a narrow path and steep
Climbing to the sky;
And there no man can take him;
He scorns the hunter's dart
And only a virgin's magic power
Shall tame his haughty heart.
from a medieval German folksong


Its brilliance matched only by stars.The spiraled horn reaches to the sky...
It holds the power of the universe...
Healing the sick;
Killing the evil.
The eyes are dark and everchanging...
Holding the knowledge from centuries of life.
They are full of energy and power...
Showing pain and sadness;
Eminating peace and pride.
The mane and tail are spun from moonlight...
Catching the spirit of earth and life.
Flowing like a silver river in the wind...
Soft as dandelion fluff;
Smooth as threads of silk.
The body is delicate looking, but strong...
Made from all elements of earth.
The cry is fierce and musical,
As quiet as a sigh.
They walk the earth hidden...
Only to appear to those who believe.
--- Jade Heart


When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain,
And the Last lion roars at the last dusty fountain,
In the shadow of the forest, though she may be old and worn,
They will stare, unbelieving, at the Last Unicorn.
When the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing,
And you look to the north and the pale moon is rising,
And it seems like all is dying and would leave the world to mourn
In the distance, her the laughter of the Last Unicorn,
I'm alive...I'm alive...
When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning,
And the future has passed without even a last desperate warning,
Then look into the sky where through the clouds a path is formed
Look and see her, how she sparkles, it's the Last Unicorn!
I'm alive...I'm alive...


He hides by day, and searches by night.
The last known unicorn, with the coat of angelic white.
It's almost as if he's magic, the possessor of powers unknown.
He keeps the hope of finding another, but he is painfully alone.
Being seen by mankind, would mean instant death.
Due to life's attained ignorance, they would take his last breath.
He wants so badly to nuzzle, close to someone safe and warm.
But this hope slowly fades, as does night with coming morn.
He remains forever brave, and holds his head up high.
Sometimes on a quiet night, you can hear his mournful cry.
He will continue his search, until his dying day.
The majestic and beautiful unicorn, who is perfect in every way.
---Marlene Bucci