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Size of Tracks...

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This track was found on a logging road by Scott McCaslin, Matt Drum and Terri Lucas, June 9, 1996, in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. The track measured 19" long, and 7" wide.

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ball.gif (2772 bytes)Eye Color

There is also the question of eye color. Only 56 reports mention glowing eyes. Of these reports 12 were just said to glow, with no color mentioned, 23 glowed red, 11 green, 9 yellow or amber, and 1 white. When no mention is made of glowing eyes in a report, that doesn't mean much. There may have been no light to reflect, or the animal may have been looking the other way, or the eyes may have glowed, but the informant didn't mention it.

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Only 14 percent of sightings in Florida, (home of the "skunk ape"), 1 percent of sightings in Canada, and 5.6 percent of sightings overall, contain any information about smell. The words used to describe its smell include: "putrid, overpowering, intolerable, rank, old outhouse, dead, foul, terrible, vile, rotten, rancid, powerful, horrible, sickening, awful, skunk putrid, dead fish, rotten eggs, and nauseating". There are almost no descriptions of mild smells, suggesting the smell might be caused by the creature rolling in something, rather than their own body odor.


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From the database of John Green there are only 64 reports of a sasquatch handling, carrying or eating food. Thirty-two reports mention types of meat, 26 mention vegetables, and one mentions salt.

The items mentioned were: deer and berries (7 times each), fish and roots (5 times each), sheep, cattle, corn, rabbits and garbage (3 times each), clams, rodents, leaves and water plants (2 times each) and oranges, grubs and apples (1 time each).

To sum it up, there are indications that sasquatches are interested in a great variety of potential foodstuffs, but they have very seldom been reported actually eating anything.



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The only sounds that are consistently reported are screams, 37 all told, and whistles, only 10 reports but well distributed. Grouping somewhat similar sounds together, there are 50 screams, yells and howls; 23 whistles, squeals, blowing sounds and wailing cries; 17 grunts, growls and coughs, 8 chatters, barks, mutters, laughs and yelps. Some of the animals that screamed did so after being shot, but it is still the most common sound in every area.

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A Horrifying encounter reported

"The creature had come down the mountain, crossed a road, gone down around an old logging landing, then over the bank into the brush, taking an average 52-inch stride. The prints were of enormous size - 17 inches long and five inches across the heel. I was so astonished I could only stare and try to picture the creature that had made those tracks only the day before....The imprint of each foot pressed into the ground an inch and a half while our own tracks were barely visible."

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Main PAge

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