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Java Scripts
The javascripts on Myths & Mysteries mostly belong to us and you are not allowed to use it. On the other hand some other scripts have been taken from other sources but of course permission have be soughted from the diferent sources.
The copyright of any videos on our site remains with the owner but permission have been sought, so use it freely.
Any sounds contained in this site belongs to us and you are not allowed to use it at all except for the music by STEPS in which the copyright belongs to Zomba records/ Jive records UK/London kindly  provided by their official UK site STEPSOFFiCiAL.COM .You can also visit their official US website st STEPS-US.COM.
Most of the text in this site are copyrighted to Myths & Mysteries of the world. Most of the text are from our extensive research so please do not pass them off as your own. We try to provide you with the most accurate information. We have tried our best to link to the sources of our text but if we linked to another site and the information first came from you please let us know we will change the link immeadiately and we do not take any responsibility if we copied your materials which are copyrighted it's because that you did not state it clearly that it was copyrighted.
Most of the pictures are copyright of myths & Mysteries of the world website and you are not allowed to display it on your website unless given permission by the webmaster. The Myths & Mysteries logo is a registered trademark and is considered 'un-useable'. We have tried our best to acknowlege our sources of pictures in the acknowledgement section and we do not hold responibility if the pictures come from you but we linked to another source instead. Go and find the webmaster of that site.