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    On April 5 1722, Easter Sunday, Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen found an island in the Pacific hithero unknown to the europeans. Here, 2400 miles from South America and 1260 miles from the nearest populated island, a unic culture fluorished in isolation. During his brief visit, Roggeveen found hundreds of colossal stone statues, weighing many tons and standing atop impressive stone platforms. These statues, or Moai, would come to serve as a symbol of the remote outpost that Roggeveen named Easter Island, or Rapi Nui as its called today.  What had built them? How was it erected with technology of the past? These are some of the mysteries surrounding Easter island. You an read out version if the story and analysis in this section of Myths & Mysteries of the World

  Myths & Mysteries of the World presents to you music from Rapi Nui (Easter Island). Music by Jorg Hertel named 'Rapi Nui' . It is available from TUG records Schiffstrasse 10 ; 91054 ; Erlangen, Germany. The clip is for educational and promotional purposes only. Please do not distribute it. Choose the way you want to hear it below. It is around 18 minutes long and you need the real player.


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