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Introduction to Nazca Lines....       

The Great Nazca Line Drawings, in Peru

Is located from a short distance from the Pacific Ocean along the Peruvian foothills of the Andes Mountains is the ancient city of Nazca where one discovers the Palpa Valley. This valley, a region stretching 37 miles,contains some of the most erplexing and quite amazing lines -- geometric lines, some parallel, others intersecting, and still other surrounded by trapezoidal designs. In the past, these drawings have been associated with the Inca empire as Nazcan pottery and ceramics were found dotting the landscape.
Unfortunately, throughout this 37 miles of archeaological wonder, none of the geometric shapes and gigantic pictures can be directly attributed to the Inca culture. Traditional archaeologists do not recognize that the Inca and pre-Inca people had accurate surveying skills.

Why these drawings were made remains unanswered to cultural-anthropologists and archaeologists alike. Even the question, how these drawings were constructed is a mystery. If iron was used, there has been no evidence unearthed, and probably won't be. Metals corode.
What purpose could these enormous drawings serve?

Charles Berlitz in Atlantis, The Eighth Continent states that an outstanding example of complicated constructions left by ancient builders whose reasons for making them has not been established exists in the Nazca Valley in Peru.
Pilots engaged in determining water resources in Peru photographed mysterious lines drawn into the earth, crossing mountainous hills and continuing on the other side, and sometimes on the tops of mountains whose crests have been leveled off by artificial means.... The patterns of the geometric lines, animal figures... are apparent
only from the air. Their purpose is not known... they were unrecognized during the centuries that passed until... pilots flying on a hydrographic research project observed them in the early thirties.

"In 1932, Dr. Maria Reiche noted their 'great size, coupled with perfect proportion' and especially wondered how the ancient artisans were able to draw on the desert terrain the gigantic animal figures 'with their beautifully laid out curves and well-balanced dimensions' -- an incredibly difficult task to accomplish 'unless the ancient Peruvians were able to fly.'"



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