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Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster

    The loch ness monster, is a large animal that some people believe live in live Loch Ness, a lake in Northern Scotland. If such a creature exists, it avoids people. But hundreds of people have reported seeing the animal, which is nicknamed, Nessie. They describe it as measuring up to 30 feet (9 metres) long. The creature supposedly has flippers, one or two humps, and a long, slender neck. Some scientist believe that Nessie may be related to a dinosaur like reptile or to a modern sea animal, such as the manatee or seal.

    The earliest known description of the strange creature in Loch Ness dates from A.D. 565. Reported sightings increased during the 1930s, when a new highway made the lake more accessible to travellers.
    In 1960, a British aircraft engineer named Tim Dimsdale, made a short film of a dark shape moving through Loch Ness. Aerial photography experts from Britain's Royal Air Force reported that the film probably showed an "animate object"-that is, a living thing. Since then, several scientific expeditions have explored the waters of the lake. Investigations with sonar, a device that uses sound to detect underwater objects, have found large bodies moving in Loch Ness.

    In 1972 and 1975, researchers from the Acedemy of Applied Science in Boston took underwater photographs of what they claimed was the Loch Ness monster. However, experts do not agree on exactly what the photographs show. The Loch Ness monster has been given a scientific name Nessiteras rombopteryx so that it can be protedted by a British law that safeguards rare animals.

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