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In doing this project the problems we encountered included several JavaScript errors, the initial topic we wanted to do on witches and warlocks was not available and the lack of sources made it all the more difficult to get the materials needed. There was also a conflict on whether we should us Netscape or Internet Explorer to do our project.

Since the prelim rounds, we have researched on more myths and mysteries and more importantly, have added our very own original analysis on the myths and mysteries we were doing. This helped to make our project more original. We also added three virtual realities movies small in size and a map for easier navigation.

The aims of the project was to explore deeper into the dark sides of the supposedly peaceful surroundings and make us learn that we should not take peace for granted. Teachers would find this website different due to the high level of interactivity and software such as quizzes and movies not found in
other websites of similar topics. Students can also make use of this as a learning package and can test their knowledge after reading through the materials.

The group made use of the Internet, books and interviews of some people we know about the myths and mysteries. Besides, we also tried hard to verify whether the information is true by sieving out the questionable points.

We have gone through a long process in achieving this web page by starting since Oct99. Since then, we have been collecting newspaper articles, magazine articles and books to achieve the website that it is today. We have spent a lot of time developing the various quizzes and movies too.

Our reflections on this project is that we have immense interest in this topic and we hope that the website would get better as it gets updated frequently. We hope the website can be used as a very interactive centre for learning and fun purposes.