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Flying Yeti

        These yetis are the second most elusive of all the yetis. They can fly very high in the air at speeds of 70-100 miles per hour. There is proof that the UFOs many military pilots see (flying at great speeds and then quickly changing direction) are actually this form of yeti. They are about 6-9 feet tall and have a wingspan of eight feet. Their fur can be many colors. We have seen flying yetis that are brown, some that are black, and others we have talked to have even seen a bluish fur color (like the amphibious yeti). Their hides are hard to get, because they are hard to kill, but sometimes they will drop down to the ground to get food, and if you are lucky, you can get a few good shots off.

 Details Of the Yeti
Different Yetis ---- Nepals' Yetis
                            Amphibious Yetis
                            American Yetis
                            Himalayan Yetis
                            Desert Yetis
                            Domestic Yetis
                            Subterranean Yetis
                            Tree Yetis