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Nepal's Yeti
        Adventurous people have witnessed the existence of the Yeti, the abominable snowman with a thick hairy body the size of a large gorilla. The Yeti's hands and feet consist of four fingers each. About a dozen people have claimed to have seen the Yeti. Among those include the father of Tenzing Norge Sherpa, the first person to climb Everest. Like the father of Tenzing, most of the others who saw the Yeti felt sick and died a few days after they saw it.

        The Yeti is said to make random appearances around the Khumbu region (at foothills of the Everest.) Still doubted for its existence by those who have not seen it, the Yeti is known to eat Yaks, sheep, etc. Many people feel, however, the Yeti of the Nepali Himalayas to be a peaceful creature.

        The pictures included here are from a 1951 reconnaissance expedition to Everest lead by the John Hunt. They were published in The Times of England on December 6th and noted that from the size of the ice axe, the print must be 13 inches long and 8 inches wide. Skeptics say the print is a hoax, while others say it does not matter as the Yeti is real.

        Known in Tibetan as metohkangmi, meaning filthy snowman, sources close to have been told the Yeti is the protector of the doors to Shambala. Perhaps, that explains why most who come in contact with the creature soon leave
their body?

               Details Of the Yeti
Different Yetis ---- Amphibious Yetis
                            American Yetis
                            Himalayan Yetis
                            Desert Yetis
                            Domestic Yetis
                            Flying Yetis
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